Market Update – 22nd April 2021

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Brrrrr, did you feel that temp drop this week???? I certainly did. Even more so when I am up at the crack-of-dawn for a market run. 

Traditionally April and May are our transition months, as we start to see the cooler days come through, we begin to switch locations for our produce and growers. For the winter months, a large portion of our produce will come from North Queensland as it starts to take over from the southern states.


Apples – Pink Lady season is well on its way and are happily in your box this week.  I’m always on top of what’s coming into season and this week I learnt that Woolies were still selling old season pink ladies until Tuesday this week and Coles will still be selling old season pink ladies well into next week.  The supermarkets often over extend their buying power to buy in bulk and then have to sell through previous season’s produce before they unleash the new (fresher) goodness on their customers.  Another reason to continue to shop with The Market Box and tell your friends.

Bananas – The prices are still relatively high for banana’s but thankfully are stable. I read a great article on our storm-hit banana growers in QLD – who are set to receive extra $50K in grants after weeks of uncertainty which is great news.

Pears – You’ve got my favourite pears (Josephine’s) in the box again this week. They have a long season and should be around until September which is great news for my fellow pear lovers!

Plums – Only late season plums around and it is plum perfect that my favourites October Suns are late season and are a great eating plum, YUM! 

Passionfruit – These are delicious and my favourite variety, Flamenco.  They are tangy and sweet and very heavy on pulp.  You can tell a good passionfruit if it is heavy, as it means there is lots of pulp. There are only three farms in Australia growing Flamencos even though they are probably the best eating passionfruit.  With other varieties; Sweethearts, Misty Gems etc growers get 5 boxes per vine but with Flamencos they only get 1.5 boxes per vine so unfortunately it is not a cost effective variety to grow.

💜💜You have to check out my tip on how to eat a passionfruit on Facebook or Instagram.  It’s a game changer for a no mess lunchbox and you kids will love showing off with this trick.💜💜

Grapes – Grape season is slowly coming to an end and so are the trial grapes. 😥 I can confidently assume we will be all out of grapes within the next few weeks. Another one to enjoy while you can. 

Mandarins – A little teaser with just a few mandys in your box. It is early in the season, so the produce will only get better as the season goes along. This week’s mandarins are from Lynbrook Citrus, a premium grower from Gayndah, Queensland.


Corn – the corn season has moved from Victoria to QLD.  So QLD is the only region producing corn for the next few months so it becomes more expensive. 

Dinner idea:  my Pinterest board has lots of ideas for corn

Cucumber – With cooler nights and less sunlight, growth is much slower.  This means less supply and with less supply prices increase. 

Dinner idea:  There is not many recipes that say 30 min and you can actually cook with that timeframe but Hoisin Mince + Noodles is definitely one. 

Capsicum – are in supply gap whilst we wait for Bundaberg season to get underway.  This week’s caps are from Stanthorpe, great produce but just that little bit higher in price. 

Dinner idea:  Red Onion, Capsicum + Ham Pizza everyone loves pizza and this is baked in a tray to make it easy.

Beans – this week’s beans are hand-picked, high quality beans from a grower in Gippsland, Victoria. We have hit the end of the Victorian season for snow peas and sugar snaps and prices are high, so beans were the only option. 

Dinner idea:  I have never roasted my beans until recently when I came this recipe Parmesan Roasted Green Beans.  It was super easy and is now on rotation especially as its getting cooler.

Sweet Potato – I love Sweet Potato at this time of year. Such a hearty, healthy, versatile veggie that is delicious.  

Did you know? – Bundaberg is our main growing regions for sweet potato and farmers plant sweet potatoes from September to April and harvest every week of the year so they have year-round supply.
Dinner idea:  I can’t say enough about traybakes they are so easy; Chicken Shawarma Traybake w Sweet Potato, Feta + Cranberries

Tomato – You have Truss Tomatoes this week that are delicious and bursting with flavour.

Did you know? – Truss tomatoes have a rich sweetness because they are ripened on the vine and grown in glasshouse conditions that use 90% less water than other growing methods? Saving water makes me very happy to know! 

Dinner idea:  Use your tomatoes for a Fresh Tomato Sauce over pasta.  Sometime the prepared sauce can be a bit heavy. I’ve made this with only 3 tomatoes and it has been fine. Add in what ever is in your fridge; ham, bacon, chorizo, sausage, zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, olives.

Broccoli – Full moon is over and price has now jumped back up. 
Did you know?: Did you know that raw broccoli contains almost 90% water, 7% carbs, 3% protein and almost no fat… and also contains a wealth of nutrients and antioxidants that support many aspects of human health!?

Dinner idea:  Pan-Fried Whiting w Broccoli Pesto, pan frying fish always makes a easy prep dinner and you can go past broccoli, garlic, parmesan + lemon as a combo for the pesto.

Lettuce – You have red oak lettuce in your box this week and is the sibling of green oak lettuce.  The rich reddish, purple leaves provide a sweet and almost nutty flavour, which is pear🍐fect for Autumn salads.

Dinner idea:  Any of the following will make a great salad combination with red oak; pear, apple, walnuts, fennel, parmesan, chick peas, roasted pumpkin or sweet potato, avocado, red onion, radish will 

Baby Kale – A darker green leaf this week with baby kale. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t overly enjoy mature kale, the leaves are quite different.  You can do everything you would do with baby spinach with your baby kale, and the good news is it is higher on the superfood scale than baby spinach.

Dinner idea:  A simple salad that is full of goodness; Warm Chickpea, Kale + Feta Salad that can be prepped in 20 mins and served with steak, chicken or sausages.  You could also add roasted sweet potato or avocado.

Mushrooms – cooler nights mean heartier dinners and mushrooms are perfect for that. I can’t help but dream about mushys on toast for my Sunday breakfast. Anyone else love that combo?

Dinner idea:  One-Pan Chicken w Mustard Cream Sauce, anything recipe that has one-pan immediately grabs my attention as it makes dinner that little easier and less washing up.

Baby Bok Choy – my Asian market grower had some glasshouse grown Baby Bok Choy so in the absence of leafy greens, I thought this was a good pick.

Dinner idea:  Always good in a stir fry, so try Vietnamese Caramel Pork w Steamed Bok Choy.


For more inspiration, look up my Pinterest account for more recipes.  

I try to give you easy, everyday recipes as I know there is often not a lot of time to cook dinner. 
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