Market Update – 27th May 2021

Hi all,

No dinner ideas this week as I’m flat chat working on the website and in test mode.  I’m keen to finalise it as soon as possible. Hopefully you will be ordering online in June.


Brrrr! The cold snap and resulting frosts from last week really played havoc with our veggies putting upward pressure on prices and making it much harder to put your boxes together, but I love a fruit and veggie challenge!


Mandarins – staying with Imperials. The Gayndah and Mundubbera growing areas only have a couple of weeks left of their imperial Mandarin season before we move to the southern states.

Apples – BRAVO… along with Pink Ladies you also have a taster of a new apple, Bravo.  Only in its sixth commercial season Bravo is a cross between a Royal Gala and Cripps Red and was developed by the same researchers who came up with the Pink Lady. Let me know what you think and if you would like it to be a regular in your box.  

Fun Fact: since the success of the Pink Lady apple with its crunchier texture and a good skin finish, new apple varieties have been developed and Bravo is one of them. The Pink Lady was the first apple with a trademark name and now several apples have followed suit; Kanzi, Jazz, Envy, Ambrosia, Smitten, Eve, Yello, Modi, Rockit and Bravo. Having a trademark means only specially selected orchards can grow these premium apples. For farmers, it is becoming their point of difference and keeps the price point stable. Let me know if you want to try any of these new apple varieties?

Gold Kiwi – right now is the prime time to be enjoying some golden Kiwi delights as the fruit is excellent at this time of the year. 

Fun Fact: I always love to pack your boxes with seasonal fruit and veggies that support your health, so did you know one gold kiwi fruit gives you 100% of your daily vitamin C requirements. Good to know right?

Oranges – the Australian navel season has well and truly started. I always like to wait a couple of weeks after the commencement of any produce season as the first harvest of the season never eats that well and is expensive. Whilst they are not at their absolute best, the sugars have developed enough without too much acid and will only get better.


Tomatoes – all varieties are scarce, low supply and prices are downright expensive. Truss was the better option but only a few for you this week.

Capsicum – Queensland season not fully underway and with the frosts, capsicums are exy so I went for yellow as better value.

Fun Fact: did you know, capsicums colour like a traffic light as they ripen, becoming sweeter and more nutritious? Capsicums start green; yellow (and orange) is the intermediate stage of ripening and are significantly sweeter than the green version. When fully ripe, capsicums are red and are at their peak when it comes to vitamin and antioxidant content. 

Cucumber – it’s common for the price of cucumbers to soar at this time of year and they did exactly that – mostly due to the cold snap. You will notice there aren’t many in your boxes this week, and it will probably stay like that until we move into spring. But remember if you want more, you can always add more to your box in extras. 

Broccoli – the biggest impact of the cold snap in QLD was on broccoli and it doubled in price.

Potato – you have Royal Blue potatoes. Some of you favour this variety as they are a good all-rounder potato.  They make wonderful mash, great roast potatoes and chips. 

Grower’s Limelight 
The grower of your Royal Blue Potatoes made the limelight this week, as I adore their ethos around family, cooking and sharing food which is similar to mine.   The Mitolo family farm is based in Adelaide Plains of South Australia and has potato and onion farms in the Riverland and Mallee regions of the state. They are passionate about bringing quality produce to your table as they believe there is no greater joy to be had than when a family gathers, and nothing brings a family together like food.  The sounds of laughter and conversation intermingled with the smells from our mother’s kitchen are memories and constant reminders of the importance of food and family. 

Parsnips – ready for soup and stew season. I am a huge fan of parsnips, they have an earthy sweetness that is so delicious and I love eating them through autumn and winter. This root vegetable reveals its full, nutty glory when roasted, mashed, or pureed with butter, or blitzed into a soup.

Top Tip: if you don’t think you can convince your family to eat them, hide them in a cake. Similar to carrots in their sweetness, parsnips add an earthy, nutty edge that’s just lovely cozied up with warm spices and nuts. It pairs well with seasonal produce like apples and oranges. So parsnip cake isn’t as strange as it sounds. Promise.

Zucchini – hello COURGEOUS and thank you for being good value all week.  The only had Queensland veggie that didn’t skyrocket in price and probably because Bundaberg is too high up for the cold snap we all endured last week. 

Baby Bok Choy – for better health, we all need lots of leafy greens at this time of year. So I brought Baby Bok Choy from my regular Asian Market gardener. 

Rocket – another leafy greens for you. Your rocket was grown by Coolibah Herbs on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. 

English Spinach – Hawkesbury growers are starting to get back on their feet which is very good to hear and consequently I’m seeing more leafy greens around.  With the cold snap tightening up baby spinach, I went for the grown-up version.

Shallots – that’s SHALLOT for your boxes this week. But I did throw in 2 or 3 shallots for you too to add to baby bok choy stir fry.


For more inspiration, look up my Pinterest account for more recipes.  

I try to give you easy, everyday recipes as I know there is often not a lot of time to cook dinner. 
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(to get it, make sure you read my capsicum fun fact)



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