Market Update – 6th May 2021

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I would like to make a special mention to all you mums. Wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day for Sunday. May your family cook you a delightful meal from all the fresh produce you have just received and may your day not be spoiled from the very annoying covid restrictions that have just been put in place from 5pm tonight.  


Out at the markets this week prices were up overall. Mostly because there is a supply gap as we swap growing areas. Most southern regions have finished up and we are still waiting for Bundaberg and Bowen to really kick into gear. 

Here’s what you’ve got in your boxes this week. Enjoy. 


Apples – Pink Ladies 💗 from Batlow in your box this week. After chatting with the grower (Ardrossan Batlow Apples) I couldn’t help but notice the amazing colour the apples were and then he responded this is possibly their BEST ever pink lady crop! How could I say no to that?

Grower’s Limelight 
Ardrossan Batlow Apples first started their orchard in 1956 and stand separate to the Batlow Co-op (those green Batlow boxes with is from around 14 separately owned orchards). I love their story and wanted to share the film from their website. Click here to take a glimpse into their orchard.  

Pears – This week you’ll see you have a lovely red coloured pear in your boxes. Rightfully named the Red Sensation, which is a high-quality, smooth-tasting, deliciously sweet pear. It is excellent to eat fresh, make a dessert and very suitable for very young kids. 

Mandarins – May is the best month for QLD Imperials and the eating quality is good. Enjoy them. 

Kiwi Red – This week you have a red Kiwi fruit in your box, which is the new kiwi variety that has been in development since 2010.  The red fruit has a sweet taste, similar to the gold variety with a “berry twist”. The vibrant red flesh comes from a unique and naturally occurring pigment, called anthocyanin, within the fruit. 

Grapes – You have Melody Seedless Grapes in your box which is a new grape variety introduced in 2019.  A fantastic mid to late season black seedless variety, which has a delicious fruity flavour.


Tomato – The price has skyrocketed for tomatoes with no good value tomatoes at the markets. The best quality and best value I could find were grape tomatoes.  These are coming from Bowen. 

Dinner idea:  Spaghetti & Meatballs is always a crowd pleaser.  This an easy recipe that uses pork sausages and passata as well as grape tomatoes.  If you are waiting greens, wilt baby spinach in the tomato sauce at the end.  If you want to hide vegies for the kids, steam pumpkin or sweet potato, puree and mix thru the tomato sauce.

Capsicum – The first of the Bundaberg capsicums have started and are full of colour with their warmer days. The harvest begins late April and goes through to about August and as we’re only at the beginning prices are still a little tight.

Dinner idea:  When it comes to quick weeknight dinners, it’s hard to look past the stir-fry. Try Capsicum, Chilli And Hoisin Chicken or Super Tender Beef Stir-Fry

Cucumber – Cooler weather doesn’t provide favourable growing conditions for our qukes so the price jumps a little. Cucumbers tend to be a bit more expensive over the autumn/winter months as the cold weather tightens supply in a matter of days. 

Dinner idea:  Smoked Trout, Cucumber + Coconut Salad w Dosai.  The only cooking for this dinner is the dosai, which is like making a pancake or gor a super-fast meal, you could buy ready-made roti Asian grocers.

Broccoli – I did think the price might drop slightly like it always does after a full moon but the price is still staying high. Quality continues to be great and heads still have the rich green colour. 

Dinner idea:  Swiss Chicken w Broccoli is so easy that made once you’ll never need to look at the recipe again.   

Beans – You’ve got a few more hand-picked beans in your box this week due to limited choices. We are in between growing areas for both snow peas and sugars snaps making them almost non-existent.

Dinner idea:  Love Miso Chicken + Green Beans w Sesame as it uses Miso and is a good way of adding fermented food into your diet. I add more chicken.  

Potato – this week you have Kestrel Potatoes in your box, which are best for roasting, good for boiling and making chips. 

Did you know: The Kestrel Potato is recognisable by its smooth white skin and unique purple blush. The blush is formed naturally by antioxidants called anthocyanin that may offer anti-inflammatory benefits, the flavonoid can also be found in other superfoods such as blueberries and pomegranates. 

Dinner idea:  the size of the krestel make them perfect for Smashed Potatoes – boil until tender, drain then place on foiled baking tray.  Smash each one flat w potato masher, brush w olive oil, (butter, ghee or duck fat if you have for better crunch) scatter w sea salt, pepper, + few thyme or rosemary sprigs + bake until very, very crisp + golden (approx. 30-45 mins).

Mesclun – with our sunny and warm Autumn days I have left mesclun in the box as salads are still on the menu in my household. Admittedly, I am holding on tight to these warmer days and not quite ready to welcome the winter weather just yet. 

Dinner idea:  Mexican Chicken + Mesclun Salad a simple salad using tortillas.

Baby Spinach – Hail has damaged the Victorian baby spinach crops and supply is low.  It will be around 2 weeks until we see baby spinach back to its normal supply. 

Dinner idea:  Warm, hearty salads at this time of year are prefect and Sweet Potato, Lentil + Baby Spinach Salad fits the bill. Serve with sausages.

Sweet Potato – This Weeks Bargain Buy

Kumara or Sweet Potato? Have wondered what the difference is? The answer is nothing. Kumara is the Maori word for sweet potato. So now you can stop wondering.

Dinner idea:  Sweet Potato + Chick Pea Burgers wins 2 ticks for a meat free dinner and everyone loves burgers.

Cauliflower – Cooler weather always calls for a hearty veggie so I went with cauliflower this week. Put aside any prejudices you may have about cauliflower and let this humble star take centre stage in your autumn and winter meals. It can be boiled, steamed, roasted, sauteed and pureed. Who knew that cauliflower can be enjoyed in so many different ways?!

Dinner idea:  Grilled Steak w Smoky Cauliflower + White Bean Mash.  Cauliflower makes a great alternative to potato mash.

Choy Sum – You have Choy Sum that is locally grown in Rossmore.  Choy Sum has become my favourite Asian green. Whether they’re stir-fried, gently steamed or added to soup, Chinese greens are an easy-to-prepare and a great addition to many meals. Your boxes have been missing leafy greens lately and my Asian market gardener had good quality choy sum at reasonable value. 

Dinner idea:  Forget the Asian take-away, you can whip Stir-Fried Beef w Asian Greens + Hoisin in less time and it will be much tastier!


For more inspiration, look up my Pinterest account for more recipes.  

I try to give you easy, everyday recipes as I know there is often not a lot of time to cook dinner. 
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